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Sensual Massage

Sensual massage (also known as erotic massage or yoni massage) is an intimate 'bodywork' experience intended to engage and arouse your whole body, mind and emotion, through the use of physical touch and sense-stimulation.

Seren’s intuitive, experienced, and professional technique will inspire you to give in and let go, as you give yourself over to a journey of self pleasure, feminine touch, and an intimate connection with herself as the massage giver (and you as the deserving receiver).

"As your dedicated massage therapist, I work with my whole body to connect with your own, blending together our feminine energy and a palette of touch that will  inspire you, relax you,  arouse you, and subsequently empower you... 


...all you have to do is close your eyes and allow yourself be spoiled completely, by forgetting everything that exists outside the room, and indulging entirely in the moment. You have full permission to simply let go and luxuriate in this sensually nourishing experience."


Sensual massage also includes an element of intimate touch (known as yoni massage) which is consensually given with the intention to bring you towards climax. This may be purely for the purpose of pleasure, self-exploration, or for more deeper work into sensual relaxation and 'yoni de-armouring.'


Seren will use her hands to deliver clitoral and vaginal stimulation, plus a selection of gentle toys and props if you wish. We will, of course, discuss your boundaries and consent levels in advance of the massage beginning.

Seren will be fully nude throughout the more intimate moments of the massage, and you are welcome to lightly touch back if you wish to – or to simply relax and indulge in your own desire for sensual satisfaction.

For Women...

Seren works one on one exclusively with women to offer them the experience of being intimately connected with another female...

For some, this may be the first and only time they have experienced intimate touch with another woman.

For others, it may be a well-deserved treat, as you spoil yourself and your body with the ultimate in female pleasure...

Whichever it is for you, Seren’s sensual massage experience offers a unique opportunity for you to take ownership of your pleasure and empower yourself completely, by exploring your own sexuality safely and freely in a nourishing, feminine environment; away from the voyeuristic expectations of others, and entirely without judgement. You are invited to indulge in your own desire to explore a woman's sensual, erotic touch.

What to expect...

The massage will take place in the blissful environment of Seren’s own private studio in London. You will have access to a private shower and bathroom both before and after the massage, and will be provided with toiletries and towels to use whilst you are here.

Upon your arrival, we’ll have a chat about your boundaries and expectations, and then I’ll lead you to the massage table where you can prepare to indulge yourself fully in the experience to follow…

The full session from arrival to departure lasts for approximately 90 minutes, allowing enough time for you to shower afterwards,

and for us to get to know one another before we begin.

Full Sensual & Yoni Massage – £280 

What others have said...

Seren Sins Background Square.png

"I appreciate you, and I am so grateful for your service to the world! Your depth of intuition that weaves many different disciplines together is outstanding.
K - Kent

Seren Sins Background Square.png

“I don’t know what you just did… but that was the Holy Grail of how a woman should be touched!! I’m walking on air…”

S - London

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"After 16 years of marriage, this was my first time with a woman, but maybe now I've peaked too soon! You made me tingle so much all over - I actually felt like a human vibrator! How can anything else compare with what just happened?!"​​

S - Surrey

For Couples...

Engaging in a three-way sensual massage is often the perfect opportunity for any committed couple to share their intimacy,  passion and pleasure with a third person – in this case, Seren Sins.

"For me, there is nothing more beautiful than to witness the desire and connection that exists between two people in a relationship. When that connection is then shared with another… the intimacy, the trust, the loyalty, the lust… to be part of something so sacred, even for just a moment, is simply glorious..."

Seren’s exclusive 'three-way' massage session offers couples a safe and unique way to explore the idea of opening up their relationship to another, by indulging in sensual pleasure with a third person; one who is willing to share in their intimacy, without any expectation or compromise to their boundaries, or the commitments and rules of their own personal relationship. 

What Should We Expect…?

‘The Unicorn Experience’ invites you both to take turns in being pampered indulgently on the massage table, with Seren as your guide and companion in the giving and receiving of combined sensual pleasure.

One of you will lay on the table, whilst the other joins Seren in delivering a full-body massage. We'll both work together using hands and body to connect fully with your physical pleasure senses. Seren will assist your partner in arousing you towards a potential climax, using the shared technique of full body massage and erotic intimate touch. 

Once indulged, you’ll then be invited to switch places on the table, so that you can now work in sync with Seren to offer the same experience to your partner in return.

Depending on your preferences, you and your partner may also wish to extend your experience by working together in tandem to provide Seren with a massage of your own giving. This is a wonderful opportunity to further bond as a couple, and to share in the excitement of sensual play.

Seren will be fully nude throughout the more intimate moments of the massage, and you will be welcome to undress fully or else keep on your underwear if you prefer. As a couple, it is entirely up to you how long you each spend on the table and we can tailor your experience to focus more predominantly on one of you as the receiver, or else indulge you both in equal measure...

Depending on your level of comfort, there will be an element of intimate touch given to you both, with the intention to bring you to climax using hands and/or a selection of toys and props as desired. As a couple, you can decide whether you would prefer this intimate touch to be given exclusively only by yourselves, or by Seren in addition. We will, of course, discuss your full boundaries and consent levels in advance of the massage beginning.

The Unicorn Experience

The word ‘unicorn’ in swinger communities is most commonly used to label a single (or solo) person who consensually lends themselves to being included as a ‘third person’ in a shared sexual experience with an existing couple.

Often, the other two people are an established couple who have chosen to welcome in a third person for mutual exploration and enjoyment, but without the wish to bring them into their relationship as a more polyamorous committment.

The word ‘unicorn’ stems from a reflection of the idea that this ‘third person’ can often be quite hard to find – almost mythical in their existence! And yet, to find someone who so fully understands and respects the existing couple’s relationship and boundaries, without any threat to their commitment, or any compromise to their love – is something truly quite magical!

The 'Unicorn Experience' will typically last for 2-3 hours, and will include time for you to shower at the end of the session, and for us to chat and get to know one another before we begin.

3-Way Couples Massage 

You and your partner (only) will take turns as the receivers…

The Unicorn Experience 
You, your partner and Seren will all take turns as the receivers…

To discuss any further options to tailor your experience, please email Seren direct.

What others have said...

Seren Sins Background Square.png

"I booked The Unicorn Experience for my boyfriend's birthday, although it was such a treat for me too! Sere made us both feel really welcome in her beautiful studio and the massage was sensational and delicious in every way, I know what I'll be asking for for my birthday this year!"

L&W - London

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“Thank you for such a wonderful experience… neither of us knew what to expect but we knew we wanted to share the whole experience with you. We felt comfortable inviting you into our intimacy because of your intuitiveness. You totally put us at ease and made it really enjoyable, so thank you!” 

J&J - Brighton

Seren Sins Background Square.png

“I was so focused on my partner having a great experience, and she absolutely did... but I want to say - wow! You're incredible. You made my partner feel very secure in everything, and damn girl, you're hot!

J&E - London

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