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Seren Sins

Seren Sins (she/her/they) is London's most pre-eminent 'female focused' intimacy bodyworker, and sensual massage therapist; dedicated to to empowering individuals on a journey into strengthening their relationship with self love, sexual identity, body confidence, and sensual intimacy.


Seren is proud to work with a diverse range of women, femme/them individuals, and couples, all wishing to to explore and develop their personal  connection with  sexuality and sensual pleasure, in a way that feels authentic and true to their intention and purpose.

Seren's clients demonstrate a diverse range of identities, experience levels, and backgrounds - no two people are ever alike... and no two sessions are ever the same.


Each chosen experience is accurately designed to honour and recognise your own needs and desires as appropriate, without any judgement or expectation...


Confidentiality is key, and so too is confidence.



Seren's Story...


"It took me years of exploring to truly 'own'  and understand my own sexual self - and it's a journey that's still ongoing!  Only once we realise and accept that sexuality can be a changeable thing, can we start to learn more about ourselves and our desires; our connection with others as well as with our own body; our love language, and our want for intimacy; our own sexual energy... These are all things that should be continually  explored throughout our whole life, and this 'journey of exploration' should ALWAYS be celebrated.


Through enthusiastically embarking on my own sexual journey, I have realised more and more how much I want to share this confidence, knowledge, and understanding with others... to help them unlock their own deep desires and a want to discover more about themselves and their body. To invite them on their own personal journey, to offer permission, and to be a guide on their path to female-empowerment and bliss. 

Mine was an exploration that started out socially – with events, apps, parties, and fleeting interactions… but for others, the journey is one preferred to be more private; a chance to go deeper, in a way that feels held.


I offer my clients the opportunity to indulge themselves fully in a way that allows them to explore themselves freely without judgement; there is no performance, and no expectation. Mine is an invitation to explore sexual expression, with the permission to embrace your own curiosity in a safe environment away from the voyeuristic intrusion of others… with the comfort and confidentiality that comes with seeing Seren Sins one on one.”

Is Seren Sins for me...?



The women who most often visit Seren tend to identify themselves as  either ‘Straight’ Heterosexual, Heteroflexible, Bi-Curious, Bisexual, Lesbian/Gay, Pansexual, Queer, Femme, Female non-binary, or else prefer not label themselves at all – and that’s perfectly OK!

Some of these women are in committed relationships, or are casually dating… others are single. Some are monogamous, some polyamorous, some engaged in ENM (ethically non-monogamous) arrangements, and others are just doing it for themselves...


Some are here in secret, others visit with the full knowledge of their partner... either way, I'm not here to expose. 


Many of the women who Seren works with are on a personal journey into sexual exploration. Some already feel secure in their identity, but have a desire to indulge in pleasure nonetheless.

Some women bring with them emotional trauma, physical disability, low self-esteem, or challenging past experiences. All of them carry hope, and a vision of self-honour. Some have come from happy homes and feel nothing but bliss when they look in the mirror! Some walk in already feeling empowered; all walk out feeling seven foot tall...

Some of these women have never experienced an orgasm. Some still won't. Some are already comfortable and familiar with the power of their yoni. 

Whatever the reason for your visit...

It is important to note that Seren Sins is not a counsellor nor clinical therapist. She will willingly hold space if you wish to talk through your reason for visiting, but will never offer advice nor guidance - just a few hours of physical bliss, in the safety of her sanctuary, and the comfort of her home.


Seren works predominantly with Male/Female and Female/Female identifying couples or play partners with the focus always being predominantly on female pleasure. These couples often come from a wide range of experience levels too, including those who participate regularly in playful non-monoganous activity; or those who identify as otherwise ‘monogamous’ in their day to day relationship but have the curiosity to explore an interaction with a third. 

For many couples, a visit to Seren Sins offers a fun and exciting opportunity to see what it might be like to involve a third person in their sexual relationship, but without the need to commit to a date, attend a party or go on dating apps to find themselves the perfect match!

What others have said...

Seren Sins Background Square.png

"The way you listened and set limits and ground rules created a lovely relaxed and safe environment which allowed us both to let go and get the most from the experience. The environment was great too clean, sexy and had a great feel."

A&T - Bristol

Seren Sins Background Square.png

 "I feel like ‘wow – did that really happen?!’ I


t’s a little bit dream like… It helped me confirm I am attracted to women… it was overwhelmingly good to be touched like that!


I’m excited to see where I go next…”

G – Buckinghamshire, UK

Seren Sins Background Square.png

"I’ve walked away feeling so empowered and confident in my body and myself.  I felt so safe throughout the whole experience and you put my completely at ease. You are the most amazing touch and presence, and I think all women deserve to experience what you offer and how I felt during and after. Absolutely magic...”

K - Cardiff

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