Seren Sins

Seren Sins is extremely proud to work with a diverse range of women & couples from varying backgrounds and identities in regards to their sexuality, sexual preferences, history of intimacy, and their current relationship status...


But what do they have in common?

A shared desire to indulge in pleasure.
A curious urge to embrace their sexuality.
A 'want' to explore their body, and honour their choices.
The confidence to let Seren assist them on their journey...

Is Seren Sins for me...?

As a sensually-inspired woman who has independently navigated her own way through a personal journey towards understanding her own preferences when it comes to sex and sexuality, Seren now channels her energy into  enabling other woman and couples to do very much the same.



"It took me years of self exploration before I could truly 'own'  and understand who I was sexually - and it's a journey that's ongoing! But I have learnt that empowerment, joy and deep satisfaction can be found in both sensual massage and BDSM – and I realise more and more every day how much I want to share this confidence, pleasure and understanding with others...

Mine was a journey that started out socially – with events, apps, and parties… but for others, the journey into understanding themselves sexually is one that they would prefer to undertake more privately...


I offer my clients the opportunity to indulge themselves fully in a way that allows them to explore themselves freely without judgement, performance, or any expectation; a release of sexual expression and the permission to embrace their curiosity, in a private environment away from the eyes of others… with the comfort and confidentiality that comes with seeing me one on one.”


The women who most often visit Seren tend to consider themselves either ‘Straight’ Heterosexual, Heteroflexible, Bi-Curious, Bisexual, Lesbian/Gay, Pansexual, Queer, Femme, or else prefer not label themselves at all – and that’s perfectly OK!

Some of these women are in committed relationships, or are casually dating… others are single. 

Many of the women who Seren works with are on a personal journey into sexual exploration. Some already feel secure in their identity, but have a desire to indulge in pleasure nonetheless...


Seren works with Male/Female & Female/Female couples and play partners too, with the focus always being predominantly on female pleasure. These couples often visit with a wide range of experience too, including those who participate regularly in playful non-monoganous activity; or those who identify as otherwise ‘monogamous’ in their day to day relationship but have the curiosity to explore.

For many couples, a visit to Seren Sins offers a fun and exciting opportunity to see what it might be like to involve a third person in their sexual relationship, but without the need to commit to a date, attend a party or go on dating apps to find themselves the perfect match!


Sensual Massage


“Wow, that was amazing.  Absolutely amazing. Thank you so very much.  If that’s not the best therapy in the world, I don’t know what is! I’m so blissed out… you’re incredible.”
D – Kent, UK

“I felt a warm, relaxed feeling in my yoni for two days after… what a treat you gave me!”
S – Germany


"After 16 years of marriage, this was my first time with a woman... but maybe now I've peaked too soon! You made me tingle all over, so much, I actually felt like a human vibrator for a moment!! How can anything else compare with what just happened?"
S - Surrey, UK

“I’ve waited 40 years for this opportunity, but when I found you I immediately trusted you. Your philosophy for empowering women – I felt safe… It was completely lovely and joyous, everything I hoped it would be.”
L - Somerset, UK

“I don’t know what you just did… but that was the Holy Grail of how a woman should be touched!! I’m walking on air…”
S– London, UK


“I feel like ‘wow – did that really happen?!’ It’s a little bit dream like… It helped me confirm I am attracted to women… it was overwhelmingly good to be touched like that! I’m excited to see where I go next…”
G – Buckinghamshire, UK

“I feel like I stand a little taller and feel more confident… I can’t wait to see my hubby and show him that I can look at myself a little differently – more like my own being and not belonging to anyone else. It seems really profound to say it, but I love this change and I want to thank you for empowering me.”
E – Leicestershire, UK



I just wanted to say thanks again for the wonderful experience today! You made my first BDSM adventure absolutely amazing! And I am looking forward to the next one! (P. S. I hope you can forgive me for my inability to speak & babbling after that haha…)
S – Swindon, UK


"Thank you so much for a really enjoyable session, you really created a fun and playful environment that felt very safe to be vulnerable with you. It definitely helped shift a couple of things for me, and who knew the power of a single feather?!"
N - London, UK


"Oh my god, that was absolutely mind blowing! My legs feel like they might give way and I feel slightly detached from reality... I have had so many incredible experiences with you but I think today surpassed them all. Same again next month, please?

D - Kent, UK


"I loved the sensory journey you took me on, and the space provided for me to experience submission and the need to not make decisions completely safely..."

K - London, UK


Couples Massage

“Thank you for such a wonderful experience… neither of us knew what to expect but we knew we wanted to share the whole experience with you. We felt comfortable inviting you into our intimacy because of your intuitiveness. You totally put us at ease and made it really enjoyable, so thank you!”
J&J – Brighton, UK

"Thanks again for an amazing experience, and for being so professional in your manner. There was absolutely nothing 'weird' or uncomfortable about the experience. That was down to you I believe... thanks for spending the extra time to talk to us."
K&J - Berkshire, UK


"Thank you for today - it will take us some time to cool down.... it was amazing. You are a real goddess!"
D&L - London, UK


"I was really focused on my partner having a great experience, and she absolutely did. But I still want to say, wow! You're incredible. You made my partner feel very secure in everything, and damn girl... you're hot!"
R&E - London, UK


"I booked The Unicorn Experience for my boyfriend's birthday but it was such a treat for myself too! Seren made us both feel really welcome in her beautiful space, and the massage was sensual and delicious in every way. I know what I'll be asking for my birthday this year!"

L&W - London, UK


Events & Workshops

“You've helped me to identify with where I place myself in relationships. It was through your guidance and understanding that I came to understand that I am ‘solo poly.’ I am now able to affirm so many things I had questioned.”
G – London, UK

"Sunday was the first time I introduced myself *out loud* with the pronouns 'she/they' and it was only because I felt super safe to do so in the company of great people and in your wonderful home. Small thing for mankind, huge thing for me. Thanks so much for what you're doing for us all. You're a superstar and we appreciate every little bit of it."

The Sanctuary of Sins - February 2022


"Thank you for such a lovely evening! It exceeded my expectations for sure. You are such amazing hosts!"

The Sanctuary of Sins - February 2022


"I had the best time [at the party], I think I’m still a bit emotionally over stimulated from it, I got all the feels! Lol, I’m like did that happen?  Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, I had lots of giggles and made some friends which is what I came for. I got to experiment and connect, honestly I couldn’t have asked for more. And being very queer, I felt embraced for it.  In fact I haven’t shut up about it since to anyone who will listen!"
Dungeon Party - April 2022


"It was a particularly brilliant night! I feel so lucky to be able to come to these events. They are unusual and very needed for owmen, and you put so much into them!"
Dungeon Party - February 2022


"I had a fantastic night. Sexy, safe and sensual, what an incredible way to spend an evening. It was delightful to meet so many other wonderful queer and non-binary people and explore, play, practice and learn."

Dungeon Party - February 2022


"It was super fun! Amazing event and venue, incredible women and energy, and you were a star!"
Dungeon Party - February 2022


"Thank you for such an awesome night! I love your electric, fun energy and the sensual, saucy way you approach impact and sensation play. I certainly picked up a couple of new techniques.  You and Tatiana made a super duo!"
The Salon of Sins - Kinky Life Drawing - May 2022


"...last night was truly exceptional, it was the most connected to my body I have felt in YEARS! I felt deeply connected to each and every woman in the space, and it was so powerful and beautiful. The space you hold is just magical... thank you."
Naked Breathwork - May 2022