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London's most pre-eminent
'Female Focused'
Intimate Bodyworker,
& Sensual Massage Therapist

Dedicated to empowering explorative and experienced women on a journey into strengthening their relationship with self love, sexual identity, body confidence, and sensual intimacy...

Seren's hedonistic-inspired, intuitive offerings will take you on a journey into pleasure and sensation; helping to deepen your personal connection with feminine energy and female sexuality, whilst allowing you to indulge in the sensation of Sins

Seren's carefully curated experiences will invite you to explore your sexual desires freely without judgement; allowing you to embrace your curiosity with confidence, and giving permission to connect intimately with yourself, so that you can find the freedom to connect more deeply with others...

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What others have said...

Seren Sins Background Square.png

“I feel like I stand a little taller and feel more confident… I can’t wait to see my hubby and show him that I can look at myself a little differently – more like my own being and not belonging to anyone else. It seems really profound to say it, but I love this change and I want to thank you for empowering me.”

E - Leicestershire

Seren Sins Background Square.png

Thank you for welcoming me into your space and making me feel so at ease.. it was a beautiful experience and you have an amazing touch. 

I feel like you have undone me and put me back together again & I have found that little piece of me that I haven’t seen for a while (how exciting).


C - Hampshire

Seren Sins Background Square.png

“I’ve waited 40 years for this opportunity, but when I found you I immediately trusted you. Your philosophy for empowering women – I felt safe. It was completely lovely and joyous, everything I hoped it would be.”

L - Somerset

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